Unify X

by SpiritOfLogic

FREE upgrade from original Unify

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Last screenshots are themed with additional tweaks.

"Been waiting for this to happen since i updated to ios 10! Good job" - Giohb777 on reddit

"This is going to be an all time favorite tweak, calling it now." - Soljd on reddit

"Awesome!!! Apple should hire you instead of someone removed group by app notification." - handsomejack_0406 on reddit

"Fuck yes. I'm so happy I brought the concept up the other day :)" - Vermoot on reddit

"Sorcery !" - helloyournameis on reddit

Annoyed by iOS 10 ungrouped notification mess?

Do you eagerly wait for something to clean up the confusing mess Apple created with iOS 10 notifications at lock screen and notification center by not grouping them at all? You can't believe how Apple can take such a stupid design decision, how they can steal the common feature of grouped notifications from you?

This is for you: Unify. Giving you unified notifications, Unify provides you the elegant way of grouping your notifications efficiently either sorted by app or sorted by time received. Unify offers plenty of options to adjust the notifications' appearance to your preferences. Never look at a confusing mess of notifications again!

From the makers of Aeternum Hives, iTouchSecure, PwnTunes and PhotoAlbums+:
Unify - Design... Optimized for your Lifestyle:
Apple - but with ALL possibilities.


  • Grouped notifications at Lock Screen
  • Grouped notifications at Notification Center
  • Chaining consecutive notifications by same sender into one
  • Either sort by App
  • Or sort by time received
  • Many Settings to adjust the appearance to your needs

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